A Message For Our Kinfolx

Hey Hey Kinfolx!

How y’all doing? We thought we’d just check in witcha to see how y’all holding up.

This Rona has long been worn out its welcome. Some of us are struggling financially and some of us just wanna be able to shake somn and get loose. Well…we should all try to do a lil somn in the meantime in between time til things get back right.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be big.  You might just need to touch your toes and move ya body – OR – you may think you need to be “more productive” – OR – you might just feel the need to help someone else.  Trust, we can relate to it all and wanna pass along some tips:

  1. If you know of someone in financial need right now, we invite you to nominate them for Grits & Biscuits’ The Kinfolx Fund. Just go to The Kinfolx Fund page and submit your person for a gift between $50 – $500.  You can also make a deductible donation to the fund at the bottom of the page on the G&B website.
  2. For you Folx that need a lil taste of G&B to get you moving, we got the Grits & Biscuits To Go mixtape Quarantine Edition available on this website NOW.
  3. If being productive is your jam, first pause and give yourself permission to release all judgement.  Then, if you feel like it, make a “To Do” list, circle the top 3 things on the list and make the rest of that list a “NOT To Do” list.  You don’t have to do it all. This time we have been given is unprecedented and it is OK to be still in it.

You all have given so much support to us for the past 10 years, the least we can do is reciprocate some of that energy.  Our live shows are postponed until the at least the end of the summer/early fall right now.  We hope to have more updates on live and virtual front in the coming weeks.

So, until we meet again, y’all keep ya head up, stay safe and don’t forget to sign up for the 2020 Census!!!


E.Z.Mo Breezy